My approach to coaching

I am a naturally empathetic and insightful person. I listen carefully to what you are telling me and I offer you space to think through your own plans and put them into action.

My coaching methods are both personal and practical. Everything I do is tailored according to your needs and requirements.

My coaching purpose and values

I believe each one of us can fulfil our potential and improve our capabilities in the following ways.

1. REALISATION - how to take dreams and ideas forward and convert them into concrete actions and realistic goals.

2. RESILIENCE - how to recover from a significant life changing event or setback at work and return to a pathway which will ultimately bring fulfilment and success.

3. RENEWAL - how to achieve transformation from a single occupation or vocation to one or more new careers, inspired as much by personal aspiration as the need for financial security.

Coaching outcomes – it’s about you

Your intended outcomes might be to:
· Find out what you really want for yourself - what is your “bottom line” purpose
· Define and overcome obstacles that lie between you and your goals
· Manage your resources effectively and make the best use of your talents
· Expand your sense of balance, health and well-being

If you know or have worked out who you really want to be, there is no time like the present for making plans to become that person. Your future starts now – why wait?

Your assurance of success

The key to a satisfying and successful coaching experience is to define carefully your overall objectives and intended outcomes at the beginning.

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