Fulfilling ambitions and overcoming challenges

I am David Levenson, managing director of Coaching Futures and I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

I am an executive coach, career strategy coach and careers consultant. I am an accredited practitioner with the Academy of Executive Coaching.

I founded Coaching Futures because I want to help people fulfil their ambitions and overcome their challenges that result from major changes or transitions. My aim as a coach is to transform the lives, businesses, organisations, careers and goals of my clients.

At Coaching Futures, we don't just imagine the future; we monitor emerging trends such as automated workplaces and the Sharing Economy, to identify both the opportunities and the threats in our rapidly changing world.

My coaching purpose and values

I became a coach primarily because I want to help and support people. This is the main purpose and mission of Coaching Futures.

At some point in our lives, we arrive at a narrow bridge which we must somehow navigate. I aim to get people across that bridge as quickly and safely as possible. The important things to realise are, not to fear ourselves and that we are never alone.

A wise person has many teachers and countless students; and by far the more important are the students. In every coaching conversation, I aim to learn something new.

What I bring to coaching

I have twenty-five years' experience as a CFO, management consultant, board member and trustee. I am an accredited practitioner with the Academy of Executive Coaches.

My experience has been acquired principally in the property, housing, retail, care and services sectors. I have been a non-executive director for over twenty years and I have a well-rounded knowledge of the worlds of business, finance, charities, the public sector and other not-for-profit organisations.

These are unprecedented times. The uncertainties created by post-Brexit scenarios are a major concern for businesses and employees. The rapid pace of technological change is accounting for the highest number of industries and services being disrupted since the end of the Industrial Revolution. I have helped organisations to prosper in times of rapid growth, and to successfully navigate three major recessions.

Who do I coach?

I coach principally in the following sectors, in and around London:

• Services sectors – business, marketing, recruiting, financial, IT, professional services
• Property sector – investment, regeneration, management, contracting
• Public services – central and local government
• Mixed public/private sectors – housing, education, healthcare
• Not for profit sector – charities, trusts, foundations
• Faith based communities

However, I can adapt my methods of coaching to suit any business sector.

My passions and goals

I enjoy meeting people for the first time and understanding what really drives them. Hopefully they feel the same and will want to work with me.

I have a passion for writing. I love the process of constructing ideas, and creating and refining articles and opinion pieces. My dream is to write and publish a book; it might take me ten years but nothing worthwhile ever comes easily.

I like reading and studying. I am presently studying for an MA in Education which I am aiming to complete in 2018. There are many comparisons which can be drawn between teaching and coaching, and it has been a rewarding experience to explore them.

Reading for pleasure includes history, biographies, politics, sport, psychology and personal development. Robert Harris is my favourite novelist and for TV drama it’s the West Wing. Sport, especially cricket, tennis and football, is for me more like an obsession than a passion.

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